About Creations Gallery



Creations Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the finest Canadian art, and so presents an eclectic mix of sculptors from across the country.

The vast array of mediums we display - bronze, stone, wood, glass, jade, mastodon ivory and antler among them - contribute to the uniqueness of the works in the Creations Gallery Collection.

Located in the famed Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, we are excited to display the talents of top Canadian sculptors to a discerning international clientele.

Our mandate is to reveal some of the most striking and varied images available, from established artists to younger innovators, and always with a sense of creative freshness, aesthetic and talent.

Our artists focus on mediums that play on the boundaries of their respective fields, using, in some cases, rare materials not typically seen in sculpture.

Forever pushing themselves beyond their creative bounds, our artists always bring a fresh expression of their individual artistic spirit to the Gallery.

Over 25 years after Creations Gallery first opened in the Empress, we continue to be part of our artists’ creative journeys , and we are proud to showcase their masterworks.